Germany wants beauty filters to be mentioned in ads and by influencers.

BERLIN, Germany (AP) —German government officials have said that they want advertisers and social media influencers to label any photos that have been edited with so-called “beauty filters.”

Critics say that the filters, which make it easy to fix up photos and get rid of so-called flaws, set unrealistic beauty standards, especially for women and girls.

Katharina Fegebank, who is the state minister for equality in Hamburg, was quoted by the dpa news agency as saying that digital tools should not decide what is beautiful or not.

Most of the officials from Germany’s 16 states want the federal government to pass laws that would require labels on photos and videos where beauty filters are used to improve a person’s face, skin, or hair.

Fegebank was quoted as saying that this would apply to both paid advertising and influencers with a lot of followers.

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