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Factbox: Renault and Nissan detail joint projects to revive the alliance

Nissan (OTC:NSANY) and Renault (EPA:RENA) announced the new details of their alliance on Monday. The Japanese car company has agreed to buy up to 15% of Renault’s Ampere electric vehicle unit.

The two companies talked about new projects that they will work on together in Latin America, India, and Europe.


One of the four projects that will be looked at in Latin America is a new half-ton pickup truck that was made by the Renault Group and shared with Nissan in Argentina. The Nissan Frontier/Renault Alaskan family, which is a one-ton pickup, would keep working together. The pickups would be made in Cordoba, Argentina, for both Renault and Nissan by the Renault Group. Nissan plans to build a new model for RenaultGroup in Mexico.It would be the first Renault car made there in 20 years. Nissan and Renault Group would also sell two CMF-AEV (Common Module Family)-based A-segment electric vehicles that could be used by anyone.


Renault Group and Nissan would work together on a number of new vehicle projects for India and export. These projects would include new SUVs that both Renault Group and Nissan would make and a new Nissan car that was based on the Renault Tribeca.

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Nissan and the Renault Group are also thinking about making electric cars for the A-segment market.


The companies are looking into the following ideas: Renault Group and Mitsubishi Motors (OTC:MMTOF) would use the assets of the Renault Captur and Clio to build two new cars, the next-generation ASX and Colt, based on the CMF-B platform. The FlexEVan would be the Renault Group’s first software-defined vehicle. It would go on sale on the LCV market in 2026 and be shared with Nissan in Europe. Nissan and Renault Group would also look into working together on the next generation of C-segment electric vehicles for their lineups after 2026. Nissan and Renault Group would continue to share technologies on their European cars, such as the possibility of using a common 800-volt architecture, to meet the benchmark charging time. These plans would build on plans for the future Nissan compact electric vehicle (B-segment), which will be made at the Renault Group’s ElectriCity facility in France starting in 2026 and will be based on the CMF-BEV platform. In Europe, they would also work together on distribution, after-sales service, and sales financing. Renault, Nissan, and Mitsubishi said they were working on ways to help dealers make more money and cut costs by sharing opportunities within the distribution network. by increasing the number of shared outlets in key markets. by developing common strategies for used cars, after sales, and sales financing and taking advantage of MobilizeFinancial Services’ strong presence in Europe. by deploying charging infrastructure for electric vehicles (EVs) in Europe at both Renault Group and Nissan dealerships. by choosing a common battery recycling programme.

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