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Europe’s stock market sees a slight decline as the banking sector weighs it down.

European shares experienced a slight downward movement on Monday, with the weight of declining financial stocks overshadowing the gains made in the energy sector. The primary cause for concern was the unsettling political instability witnessed in Russia, a major player in the oil production industry.

As the clock struck 0717 GMT, the pan-European STOXX 600 index displayed a decrease of 0.3%. This drop followed the culmination of a week marked by central bank policy deliberations, which resulted in the index’s most substantial weekly percentage loss in the past three months.

In contrast, the energy sector managed to achieve a modest 0.2% increase. This positive development emerged as oil prices ascended due to mounting apprehension surrounding a recent insurrection led by Russian mercenaries. Such an event raised anxieties about potential disruptions in the oil supply originating from Russia.

Regrettably, it was the banking index that exerted the most significant negative influence on the STOXX index, declining by 1%. Particularly, the shares of Deutsche Bank (ETR:DBKGn) faced a substantial decline of 2.4%.

According to Reuters, Deutsche Bank has communicated to its clients that it can no longer provide a guarantee of unfettered access to their Russian stock holdings. This announcement only added to the prevailing market unease.

In addition to the aforementioned concerns, market observers are eagerly anticipating the release of the German business sentiment reading for June, scheduled for 0800 GMT. This report will likely contribute further to the overall market sentiment and investor sentiment in particular.

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