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“Europe’s Cars Zoom Forward: Sales Spike 15% in July with Electric Ones Taking the Lead by a Whopping 61%!”

Whoa! Europe’s love affair with cars is on full throttle, folks! July saw a spectacular 15.2% hike in brand-spanking-new car sales. And guess what? This is the 12th month straight that they’ve been dancing to this upbeat tune, as the car world bounces back from those pesky pandemic hiccups. That’s right – 12 whole months! Hats off to the European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA) for dropping this juicy tidbit our way on a fine Wednesday.

Now, let’s talk electric. These green machines? They’re not just inching forward; they’re taking leaps and bounds! A massive 60.6% jump in sales tells that story. Thanks to some generous handouts from a handful of EU countries, EVs are having a moment… or maybe a year? Heck, they’re making up a solid 13.6% of all the fresh-off-the-lot sales, soaring up from a humble sub-10% last July.

Speaking of variety, plug-in hybrids are catching some eyeballs too. These bad boys, straddling the old and new with a combustion engine and beefy battery, nabbed 7.9% of sales. And get this – one out of every four cars sold was a full-on hybrid. How’s that for variety?

Now, the age-old petrol and diesel? Well, they’re still chugging along, bagging just shy of half of all sales. Mind you, diesel cars, which were once the big fish (making up over half of sales back in 2015), now sit at a mere 14% this July. Oh, how the mighty have fallen!

On the brand front, Volkswagen is the king of the hill, marking a sweet 17.9% uptick in July. BMW and Renault weren’t too far behind, boasting jumps of 22.5% and 16.9%, respectively. But, there’s always a flip side, ain’t there? Stellantis, grappling with some delivery snags and logistics woes, saw their numbers take a 6.1% tumble. Better luck next time, guys!

In a nutshell, Europe’s car game is strong and ever-evolving! Buckle up; it’s going to be a wild ride! 🚗💨

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