EOS Plummets 18% in Dramatic Market Downturn

In the realm of digital currencies, EOS experienced a significant setback as it tumbled to $0.7280 by 00:24 (04:24 GMT) on the Index this Saturday. This unfortunate decline amounted to a staggering 18.49% loss in a single day, marking the most substantial percentage drop since June 10.

As a result of this downward spiral, EOS’s market capitalization nosedived to $933.6232M, which now represents a mere 0.09% of the total cryptocurrency market cap. In contrast, EOS once boasted a lofty market cap of $17.5290B during its peak.

Over the past twenty-four hours, EOS witnessed a trading range spanning from $0.7274 to $0.8960. This recent bout of volatility added to the unease surrounding its value.

Zooming out to the past week, EOS faced a worrisome decline, losing 5.47% of its overall value. In terms of trading volume, the past day saw $103.5511M worth of EOS change hands, constituting a modest 0.37% of the total volume for all cryptocurrencies. Notably, the trading range for EOS over the past seven days spanned from $0.7274 to $0.9269.

Taking into account its current price, EOS remains a staggering 96.83% below its all-time high of $22.98, reached back on April 29, 2018.

Shifting gears to other corners of the cryptocurrency market, Bitcoin exhibited a decline of 1.57% on the day, settling at $26,075.4 on the Index.

Meanwhile, Ethereum experienced its own setback, with a loss of 1.37% as it traded at $1,813.40 on the Index.

In terms of market capitalization, Bitcoin currently accounts for $510.4466B, representing 47.04% of the total cryptocurrency market cap. Ethereum, on the other hand, holds a market cap of $219.6648B, which constitutes 20.24% of the total cryptocurrency market value.

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