End-to-end encryption will be added to Facebook Messenger by Meta.

Metta, a technology company, plans to implement end-to-end encryption in its Messenger platform.

A press release on Thursday said the company is testing the privacy feature as the default setting in certain chats.

End-to-end encryption is the gold standard for online data privacy. Under this, messages can only be seen by the sender and receiver of the message. Even with this standard of encryption, Meta should not be able to see the messages.

Earlier, the company introduced end-to-end encryption as an option in 2016. This is a big step for the platform to make sure that users’ privacy is protected, which is very important for users’ real online safety.

Meta has previously indicated that the default e-to-e setting is intended for Facebook and the company in addition. But the announcement made by Metta is hard to ignore.

The announcement came in the wake of a news story about Meta that revealed the company had shared Messenger chats with police regarding the abortion of a 17-year-old girl.

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