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Elon’s Big Reveal: No More Blocking on X? Hold on to Your Hats!

Well, well, well. In a move that’s got eyebrows raised sky-high, Elon Musk spilled the beans that X – ya know, the app we used to call Twitter – is waving goodbye to its block feature. Yep, that little button that’s like your online bouncer? Looks like it’s getting the boot. Musk let this cat out of the bag last Friday, shaking things up in a way only Elon can. 🙀

Now, for those not in the loop, this block thingy let folks give the cold shoulder to any unwanted peeps, making sure they can’t peek at their posts or tail them online. But don’t get your knickers in a twist; Musk tweeted (or should I say X-ed?) that the block is getting the axe only as a ‘feature’, but still gonna stick around for direct chitchat, or DMs for short.

And if you’re thinking, “What about the mute button?” – fear not! Musk’s keeping that one around. It’s like blocking, but way more sly. Gives the ol’ silent treatment without letting the other side in on the secret.

Now, Elon’s always been a big fan of speaking your mind, but man, some folks think he’s playing with fire here. Word on the street? There’s been a nasty uptick in mean-spirited chatter and even some pretty dark stuff since he took the wheel. Governments are even side-eyeing X, wondering if they’re slacking on keeping things clean.

Hang on a minute, though. This whole “no more block” business? Could land X in hot water with the big tech honchos – Apple and Google. See, Apple’s rulebook says apps gotta let users show troublemakers the door. And Google? They’re singing the same tune, demanding a system to, well, block the blockers.

Crickets from X, Apple, and Google for now – none of ’em have piped up with their two cents. 🤐

But Monica Lewinsky, remember her? The anti-bullying champion? She’s shouting from the rooftops, urging X to think of the little guys and keep them safe. Linda Yaccarino, the head honcho at X, shot back, “Safety’s our jam at X! We’ve got bigger and better things cooking than just mute and block. Y’all keep those comments coming!”

Here’s the scoop: Musk’s gonna call the shots on the techie stuff, and Yaccarino? She’s taking care of the rest, like legal and sales. It’s a brave new world, folks, so let’s see how this shakes out! 🚀

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