Deaton Favors XRP, Foresees BTC Surpassing Gold.

John Deaton, founder of CryptoLaw, shifts crypto strategy, favoring XRP over Bitcoin and Ethereum. The change is driven by his confidence in XRP amid his legal battle with the SEC. Despite this shift, Deaton remains optimistic about Bitcoin’s future, predicting its market cap to surpass gold, potentially leading to a price surge beyond $500,000 per unit. He also sees XRP playing a crucial role in the growing cross-border payments sector, with global transactions projected to reach $290 trillion by 2030. However, Deaton voices concerns over Ethereum’s “regulatory advantage” and calls for scrutiny of changes to SEC official William Hinman’s speech on Ethereum’s decentralization. Despite skepticism towards optimistic XRP price predictions, Deaton’s investment approach reflects not only market trends but also the impact of regulatory decisions on digital assets.

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