“Crypto’s Latest Gossip: From Wild Rides to Watchful Eyes!”

because today’s crypto roller-coaster is in full swing, and I’ve got the lowdown for ya.

First on the docket: A Kenyan parliamentary committee is raising an eyebrow – no, make that both eyebrows – at this Worldcoin’s iris-scanning project. Word on the street is that they’re not too thrilled about how Worldcoin’s been collecting folks’ data. And get this: they’re doing it even after a firm “pump the brakes” order back in May. Sneaky, huh? The report’s calling for a halt on Worldcoin’s antics, but also nudging the government to get their ducks in a row on digital assets.

Switching gears to some Wall Street action: Grayscale’s knocking on the U.S. SEC’s door, hoping to transform its Ethereum Trust into a fancy new Ethereum ETF. Why? Well, instead of just dipping their toes in with futures contracts, they’re looking to dive headfirst into the actual Ethereum pool. Michael Sonnenshein, the big cheese at Grayscale, dropped the news on X (remember when we used to call it Twitter?) and seemed pretty stoked about the whole thing. Right now, their Ethereum Trust’s price tag sits at a cool $4.9 billion, and they’ve got about 250,000 investors riding the wave with them.

Now, for the juiciest bit: Bitcoin and Ethereum. These two just pulled a fast one, making hearts race and screens refresh like mad. In a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it 15 minutes, Bitcoin jumped up by 3%, hitting a tad over $28,000. Ethereum? It wasn’t far behind, shooting up nearly 5%. Heads are spinning, and the crypto community’s buzzing with whispers of “Uptober.” For those scratching their heads, Uptober’s crypto-speak for October usually bringing good vibes to Bitcoin’s price. Fun fact: October’s played hard-to-get only twice since 2013, giving negative returns. Some savvy folks like Markus Thielen even think that if Bitcoin dances past $28,000, it might just waltz its way to $30,000 soon.

And there you have it! The latest, juiciest, and zaniest happenings in the crypto world. Till next time, keep those digital eyes peeled and wallets ready!

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