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Credit Suisse inquiry ain’t gonna spill the beans for 50 whole years, says the paper!

Yo, peeps! Hold on to your hats ’cause this here parliamentary investigation into the Credit Suisse collapse ain’t gonna let the cat outta the bag for a whopping 50 years! Can you believe it? The Aargauer Zeitung newspaper dropped the bombshell, and Swiss historians are losing their cool over it.

So, apparently, the investigating commission is gonna lock away all its files, including witness statements and documents, in the Swiss Federal Archives, but not for the usual 30 years. Nah, that would be too easy! They’re gonna play it safe and keep ’em under wraps for half a century! Can you dig it?

When the Aargauer Zeitung reached out to the Swiss parliament for a comment, crickets were all they got. The silence is deafening, my friends.

Now, the Swiss Society for History ain’t too happy ’bout this. Their president, Sacha Zala, sent a letter to Isabelle Chassot, the head honcho of the commission and a lawmaker from the Swiss upper house of parliament. And what did Zala have to say? He was like, “Hey, if researchers wanna dig into the 2023 banking crisis, they need access to those juicy CS files, man. It’s like gold dust!” That’s what the newspaper reported, at least.

Zala thinks it would be best if they could keep the archive safe and sound for a while and then, when the time’s right, let the researchers go wild with it. You know, like a treasure chest waiting to be opened. But he did mention something ’bout “historical research conditions.” Whatever that means, right?

Now, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of this investigation. They’re gonna be shining the spotlight on the Swiss government, the financial regulator, and the central bank. They wanna know what went down before Credit Suisse got scooped up by UBS in March. Talk about drama!

This is only the fifth investigation of its kind in the history of this country, folks. That’s a big deal! And the committee of lawmakers doing the digging has got some serious power. They can summon the Swiss cabinet, the finance ministry, and all them state bodies. Ain’t no one gonna be spared!

The committee recently had their first powwow in Bern, where they made it crystal clear that secrecy is their middle name. They gotta keep things on the hush-hush, you know? But here’s the kicker: The Credit Suisse bankers ain’t gonna be the stars of this show. Nope, they’re just gonna be in the background while the big shots take center stage.

So, buckle up, folks! This inquiry is gonna keep us in suspense for the next 50 years. Let’s hope that when the time comes, the truth will finally be set free.

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