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“Budget-Friendly Teslas Hit the Road, but There’s a Catch!”

Hold onto your hats, folks! Tesla’s shaking things up again. This time, they’ve rolled out pocket-friendlier versions of their classic Model S sedan and the larger-than-life Model X SUV. But – and here’s the kicker – they come with a tad shorter driving distance. But hey, for a chunk of change less, it might be a fair trade-off.

Peeking at Tesla’s website this Monday (talk about Monday motivation!), these newbies are labeled as “standard range.” The Model S is up for grabs at a cool $78,490, while the Model X is teasing wallets at $88,490. That’s a sweet 10% dip from their older siblings’ price tags. And if you’re itching to ride in one, they’ll be ready to zoom into your driveway between September and October 2023. Quick tip: If you’re dreaming of a shiny “pearly white” ride with a sleek all-black inside, you’re in luck. That’s the base price. Any other flashy shades? Well, that’ll cost ya a bit more.

So, what’s the catch? The new Model S can take you on a 320-mile joyride. Sounds fab, right? Until you hear that its more expensive siblings, the basic and flashy plaid versions, can stretch those miles up to 405 and 396, respectively. As for the Model X SUV? You’re looking at a 269-mile road trip, while its posher relatives boast 348 and 333 miles. But, potatoes, potahtoes.

Reached out to Tesla for a chitchat? Don’t hold your breath; they’re playing hard to get and haven’t chirped back just yet.

Now, here’s some hot tea. Tesla’s been slashing prices left, right, and center. From Uncle Sam’s backyard to China, they’ve been on a discount spree since the tail end of last year. It seems they’re dancing around the ring, bobbing and weaving against rivals and dodging economic jabs.

In today’s episode of “What’s Tesla Up To Now?” they’ve pruned prices in China for their Model Y – both the long-range and jazzed-up performance versions. And yeah, that made the stock market folks a wee bit jittery.

But wait, there’s more! Tesla’s revving up for the grand entrance of the much-anticipated Cybertruck. And word on the street? They’re building a shiny new factory in Mexico. Rumor has it; it’ll churn out EVs that could be the backbone of future robotaxis. Neat, huh?

If you’re new to the Tesla fan club, the Model S and X are like the OGs, making their grand debut in 2012. They’ve always been the fancy pants compared to the more wallet-friendly Model 3 and Model Y. Fun fact: Tesla dished out a whopping 19,225 Model X and S vehicles in the recent quarter. That’s a step up from the 16,162 last year.

So, the big question: Will you be snagging one of these budget rides? The road’s waiting!

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