Binance Plans to Establish “Web3 Outpost” in Georgia, a Crypto-Friendly Location

Binance, a major player in the cryptocurrency exchange market, is expanding its reach by establishing a blockchain hub in Georgia, a country known for its crypto-friendly environment. The Georgian government aims to make the country a major international center for crypto activity. Binance’s Georgia division currently has a team of 25 professionals who organize educational and hackathon events with local public and private sectors. The upcoming regional hub, the “Web3 Outpost,” will create “dozens of new jobs” by the end of 2023.

Georgia is highly innovative and has a high level of crypto adoption, with no serious challenges to further adoption. The government understands the need to avoid stringent restrictions in the crypto market, creating an environment where blockchain projects and games can flourish. Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao visited Georgia for the first time in November 2022, meeting with Georgia’s prime minister, Irakli Garibashvili, and the local business and crypto communities. This visit followed Binance’s partnership with the local crypto payment gateway, CityPay, and its collaboration with the Georgian Innovation and Technology Agency. Binance also launched a charity initiative to support women-focused Web3 education in the country.

Despite a high level of crypto adoption, there is still a lack of understanding and education about the risks and complexities of the technology among the general public in Georgia. Binance’s expansion into the country is expected to promote crypto adoption further in the Caucasus region. The impact of the Web3 Outpost on Georgia’s economy and job market is uncertain and will depend on the success of the hub and the demand for blockchain-related services in the region.

Binance’s expansion into Georgia is significant for the exchange’s continued growth and expansion into crypto-friendly countries. For Georgia, Binance’s presence is a testament to the country’s growing reputation as a global crypto hub, which could attract more blockchain projects and investors.

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