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Aussie stocks had a sunny day; S&P/ASX 200 gave a cheerful nod with a 0.38% rise!

Well, well, well! Tuesday brought some good vibes down under as Australian stocks soared high. The Healthcare, IT, and Consumer Staples sectors were the life of the party, pushing those shares up and up. By the time the sun set in Sydney, the S&P/ASX 200 was grinning with an extra 0.38%.

Now, guess who were the top dogs of the day? GUD Holdings Ltd was the rockstar, skyrocketing 14.87% and landing at 11.74. Not far behind, Nuix Ltd strutted its stuff, jumping up a cool 10% to close at 1.65. Sims Metal Management? Oh, they danced their way up by 6.30% to finish at 15.85.

On the flip side, not everyone had their groove on. Resolute Mining Ltd had a bit of a stumble, dropping 4.41% to 0.32. St Barbara Ltd slipped, ending down 4.35% at 0.22, while Seek Ltd took a 4.27% dip to 24.66. It’s a rollercoaster, folks!

Interestingly, there were more stocks tripping than soaring on the Sydney Stock Exchange—621 vs 599. And 425? Well, they just hung out in the middle, neither here nor there.

Talk about highs and lows! GUD Holdings Ltd and Nuix Ltd shares hit their peak for the year. On the contrary, poor ol’ St Barbara Ltd hit a 5-year low.

The S&P/ASX 200 VIX, our little weather vane for market mood swings, calmed down by 2.81% to 11.40.

Gold? It wasn’t glittering as much, sliding down 0.40% to $1,936.30 an ounce. Oil wasn’t too slick either with September deliveries dropping a smidge to $82.22 a barrel. October’s Brent oil was also feeling a tad lazy, down by 0.24% to $86.00 a barrel.

Currency pairs? The AUD/USD played it cool, unchanged at 0.65, while the AUD/JPY was slightly downbeat, slipping 0.07% to 94.36.

The US Dollar? Well, it wasn’t its day, down 0.08% at 102.97. Life’s full of ups and downs, ain’t it?

Phew! That’s the buzz from the Aussie stock world. Until next time, keep those investment vibes strong! 🚀🐨🌞

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