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Apple Thinks of Giving Google the Boot for DuckDuckGo on Safari?

Alright, tech junkies, here’s some spicy gossip for you! Word on the street is Apple had a little chit-chat with DuckDuckGo. Why, you ask? Rumor has it they were thinking about kicking Google to the curb and letting DuckDuckGo take the wheel for Safari’s private mode. Yep, you heard that right! This juicy tidbit comes straight from some insiders who spilled the beans to Bloomberg News just this Wednesday.

Now, here’s where things get even juicier. By the end of the week, we’ll be getting the nitty-gritty on what went down in those secret talks. Why’s that? Judge Amit Mehta, the big guy handling the Google antitrust suit, has decided to let the cat out of the bag. He’s giving the green light to unveil the low-down from DuckDuckGo’s head honcho, Gabriel Weinberg, and Apple’s bigwig, John Giannandrea. Popcorn, anyone?

But, wait! There’s more. This isn’t just about Apple and DuckDuckGo. The covers are also being pulled off potential wheeling and dealing between Apple and Microsoft. Oh boy, things are heating up!

Now, trying to get a peep from Apple, DuckDuckGo, or Google? That’s a tough cookie. They’ve been hush-hush so far.

Remember that big drama last month? The U.S. Department of Justice was all over Google, accusing them of shelling out a whopping $10 billion a year to folks like Apple and AT&T. The reason? To stay king of the hill in the search world.

And, to add another twist to the tale, Microsoft’s main man, Satya Nadella, stepped into the spotlight recently. He spilled the beans on how the tech giants are fighting tooth and nail for content to feed their AI. He even threw some shade at Google for hogging all the good stuff with fancy deals. Oh, and get this – he even dished that Microsoft tried to make Bing the top dog on Apple phones, but got the cold shoulder.

Talk about drama, right? Stay tuned! This tech soap opera is far from over!

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