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Amazon’s Bigwigs, Including Bezos, Get a Legal Knock on the Door Over Blue Origin Deals

Hey there! Have you heard? An Amazon bigshot investor has taken a bold step. Yep, they’ve thrown a legal curveball at Jeff Bezos, the big man himself, and the Amazon bigwigs. The bone of contention? Well, the whole drama revolves around these fancy launch contracts for the super cool Project Kuiper, Amazon’s star-studded satellite scheme. Word on the street is, they might have given Bezos’s very own space venture, Blue Origin, a bit of a special treatment.

Now, Cleveland Bakers and Teamsters Pension Fund, which sounds like a heavyweight with lots of dollar bills, stepped up earlier this week. They’re waving a red flag, shouting about how Amazon didn’t even bat an eyelid towards Elon Musk’s SpaceX. For the record, SpaceX ain’t no small fry; they’ve got some space cred!

Diving deep into the space race, Amazon’s Project Kuiper plans to sprinkle the sky with a whopping 3,000 satellites. Why? To shoot down some zippy internet to those hard-to-reach spots on our big blue marble. Sounds fancy, right? But hang on a sec – doesn’t that sound a bit like Musk’s Starlink? Bingo! They’re competing like cats and dogs up there!

I poked around a bit and got wind of Amazon’s take on the lawsuit. An Amazon rep, probably in a crisp suit, shot back with: “This lawsuit? Hogwash! We’ll prove it in court.”

The nitty-gritty? Well, the Pension Fund highlighted that Amazon spent big bucks – I mean, BIG! – second only to the time they snagged Whole Foods for a cool $13.7 billion. So far, Amazon has shelled out around $1.7 billion to the companies sending stuff up there, with Blue Origin pocketing a sweet $585 million. But here’s the kicker: despite the deep pockets, no Kuiper satellite has taken its maiden voyage.

Still, don’t count Amazon out. They’ve got big plans! The gears are in motion to churn out these satellites soon, and they’re gearing up for some real-world tests in 2024.

As for the deadline, Amazon’s under the gun. The FCC’s given them the side-eye, reminding them to shoot at least half of their 3,236 Kuiper satellites up by 2026.

And the cherry on top? The pension fund’s not just rattling the cage for fun. They’re eyeing some compensation and the tab for their legal wrangling.

Wild, right? It all went down on August 28 in the Delaware Court of Chancery. Grab the popcorn, folks; this space saga’s just heating up!

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