Amazon doesn’t sell as many LGBT products in the United Arab Emirates as it would like to.

Amazon has limited search results on its site in the United Arab Emirates that are about LGBT people and issues (UAE).

Experts in the Gulf state are said to have put pressure on the company to take this step.

In the UAE, it is illegal to sleep with someone of the same gender. Supporting the rights of LGBT people could also be seen as an offence.

The news comes at the end of Pride Month, which is a time to celebrate LGBT people all over the world.

A representative for Amazon said, “As a company, we stay focused on variety, value, and inclusion, and we agree that LGBTQ+ people’s freedoms should be protected.”

“Since Amazon has stores all over the world, we should also follow the laws and rules of the countries where we do business,” they said.

The organisation decided to stop the projects after the UAE government threatened to punish them, according to the New York Times, which was the first to report the story.

The UAE consulate in Washington did not respond quickly enough to a request for feedback.

Recently, the Kuwait foreign service said it had called a top US representative in the fight over tweets from an American government office supporting LGBT rights.

For Pride month, the US government put up a rainbow banner and a message of strength from Vice President Joe Biden.

The government of Kuwait criticised the international safe haven for “supporting homosexuality” and asked that it not happen again.

LGBT people have very few rights in Kuwait, and it is against the law for men to be gay there.

Also this month, state TV reported that experts in Saudi Arabia took away rainbow-colored toys and children’s clothes because they say they support homosexuality.

A report from Al-Ekhbariya said that business service officials in the capital city of Riyadh took away a wide range of things from shops.

They had clasps, pop-its, shirts, caps, pencil cases, and pop-its.

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