ADA Price Forecast for April 27th, 2023

Cardano Price Forecast: Today’s ADA Price, 27th April 2023

CURRENT CARDANO PRICE DATE ADA USD TODAY 01 $0.4141974 CARDANO PRICE FORECAST The $0.35 region, which previously served as a support level, has now become a resistance level for ADA. This resistance level, which is close to the 200-Day Moving Average, could continue to limit ADA’s gains in the short term. Despite this, if the general cryptocurrency market becomes more bullish and assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum hit new multi-month highs, it is only a matter of time before ADA’s price rises significantly.

A break above the aforementioned resistance area at $0.35 and the 200DMA could lead to a retest of the downtrend that connects the highs from last June. If this resistance level is also breached, the potential for ADA to move towards last summer’s highs in the $0.60 range becomes possible, representing a more than 70% increase from current levels.

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