WhatsApp adds new ways to make group calls.

WhatsApp, a very popular app for texting and calling, has added new features that make it easier for groups to talk on calls.

Users can now start a voice or video call with up to 32 people on their mobile devices. This is four times as many people as before.
When you hold down on a participant for a while, their video or audio feed will get bigger, and the admin can mute them or send them a message without stopping the call.


The Meta blog says, “Whether you’re making a call at the last minute or planning one in advance, you can easily invite people to a group call by sharing a call link.”

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Changes have also been made to the way the calling app works to make calling easier. It has “colourful waveforms” that make it easy to see who is talking even if the camera is turned off.

A new feature called “in-call banner notifications” will let you know when a new person joins a group call.


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