TRY TO PKR: Today’s Turkish Lira to Pakistani Rupee prices on the 14th of January 2022.

KARACHI: At 12:41 p.m. PST on January 14, 2022, the average customer rates for buying and selling Turkish Lira (TRY) against Pakistani rupee (PKR) are Rs12.93 and Rs13.06.

The exchange rate is determined by the average buying and selling of foreign currency on the open market by multiple exchange businesses.

Try to open the PKR market.

Here is an up-to-date list of (Lira TO PKR) Turkish Lira rates in Pakistan (Updated on January 14th, 2022).

Turkish Lira is worth 13.06 Pakistani Rupees.

The rate at which exchange companies buy from customers is referred to as the “buying rate.”

Selling signifies the rate at which exchange businesses sell to their consumers.

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