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They won’t install POS. Traders

The All Pakistan Anjuman Tajran has opposed the FBR’s installation of point-of-sale equipment in stores, deemed the modification of gasoline prices cruel, and demanded an investigation.

During a news conference, All Pakistan Anjuman Tajran Ajmal Baloch, president of the All Pakistan Anjuman Tajran Ajmal Baloch, presented the question, “What is the income tax on fuel adjustment? Two taxes are also placed on fuel adjustment; why are so many taxes imposed? ” Please be advised that the FBR has once again reached the point of sale where the devices will be installed in the shops; if there is an attempt to install the device in any shop, the FBR office will be surrounded; they are prepared to fix the income tax; and if the government does not accept our demands, we will demonstrate in September.
According to Rahim Kakar, president of the Pakistan Association of Balochistan, if such taxes were enforced, the economic system would be disturbed. This tax has also been introduced in the province of Balochistan, where there are no sources of income.

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