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The man who bought the chocolate from the store earned ten million dollars and told Virginia, “When nature is good, that’s when.

” When an American went to a small store to purchase chocolates and milk for his children, he came back with a million dollars in his pocket, or 170 million Pakistani rupees.

Dennis Willowy of Northchesterfield was leaving the store carrying chocolates and milk when he purchased a scratch lottery ticket. He played the card right there and won the Platinum Lottery by matching the numbers. It’s worth noting that the platinum prize is the most valuable.

Lottery winners have been warned that if they combine all of their winnings, they can collect $6,640,000 after taxes. If they wish to avoid taxes, they can pay this sum to them every month or year for 30 years. Dennis, on the other hand, would like to get a lump sum payment once taxes have been deducted.

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