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The key ingredient behind Tesla’s 4680 battery: A dry electrode coating

Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) Inc is at the forefront of battery manufacturing with its innovative dry electrode coating process that is being applied to its new 4680 battery cells.

tesla 4680 battery benefits

The dry process, obtained through Tesla’s 2019 acquisition of California startup Maxwell Technologies, replaces the traditional, complex step of battery manufacturing that involves coating the electrode foil with a wet, chemical slurry. This wet method requires a lengthy drying process and the disposal of toxic solvents used in the slurry.

tesla 4680 battery chemistry

Tesla claims that the dry coating process can significantly reduce the size, cost, energy consumption, and production cycle time of battery manufacturing plants while increasing the energy density and power of battery cells.

Other companies, including California-based LiCap Technologies and Massachusetts-based AM Batteries, are also exploring dry coating techniques.

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