Sindh asks citizens to go into ‘complete isolation’

KARACHI: The Sindh government on Friday directed all citizens to separate themselves completely over the weekend. It is important for everyone to stay in their houses over the weekend, said Council Member Sindh Ali Shah.
The instructions were issued after a Sindh cabinet meeting where a detailed discussion on the state of the coronavirus outbreak was discussed. Of particular concern is the increase in local cases, “Shab was quoted as saying. , “it means we must keep ourselves and our children safe.”
At that time, about 2,000 suspected patients were admitted to public hospitals on Friday, and only a few could be examined by the time the story was published. In contrast, more than 700 cases were reported in private hospitals, and only five had been evaluated. so far. More than 3,700 passengers also flew to Karachi on 31 flights, which were tested for the virus at the airport.

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