the Supreme Court of Pakistan has ordered the government to provide an alternate location for the PTI’s lengthy march, the Azadi March, towards Islamabad and has asked all sides to sit together and find an acceptable solution.

While hearing a plea against the closure of highways in the federal capital, the three-member highest court ordered the chief commissioner of Islamabad to find an alternative location for the PTI’s lengthy march. The Supreme Court ordered that the chief commissioner and chief secretary should meet with PTI leaders to settle the issue.

During the hearing, Justice Ijaz ul Ahsan stated that a traffic plan should be developed in order to reach the long march’s location. The judge put off the hearing until 2:30 p.m. and said that the PTI’s lawyers should talk about the alternative space with their leaders.

The municipal government in Islamabad barred Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf’s long march entry into the city earlier in the day, citing a judgment by the Islamabad High Court as justification (IHC).

The PTI asked the district administration to let them hold their long march in Islamabad. The district administration reportedly told the PTI that they could not hold the gathering at the place the party suggested.

Citing a letter from the government of Islamabad, they stated, “The location designated between sectors G-9 and H-9 is unsuitable for the public assembly since a larger number of people could not be accommodated at the site.”

It was also said that allowing the long march to take place at the location may impede access to main thoroughfares and the airport. When the request was denied, the administration said, “The Islamabad High Court has told us that we can’t let a gathering happen here.”

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