SBF has his day in court, and Barry Silbert is accused of “stalling” over funds that have been frozen.

After Sam Bankman-Fried was turned over to U.S. officials last month, his top two lieutenants, Caroline Ellison and Gary Wang, had already been working with the feds. The two pleaded guilty to a number of charges and agreed to help the Southern District of New York investigate FTX and their former boss. SBF went to court on January 3 and pleaded not guilty to all of the criminal charges against him.

As the story about SBF and FTX got worse, the company Digital Currency Group, which works in the crypto capital market, had its own problems. Its CEO, Barry Silbert, has been accused of “stalling tactics” when it comes to funds that have been frozen.


In federal court, Sam Bankman-Fried pleads not guilty to all charges.
Cameron Winklevoss writes Barry Silbert an open letter about Gemini’s blocked funds.
Grayscale ETH trust is getting close to a record discount of 60% as worries about DCG continue.
Core Scientific shut down the 37,000 mining rigs it was hosting for Celsius.


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