ISLAMABAD is in the hold of two sizzling issues: Broadsheet and the Foreign Funding embarrassment. Both are spreading and scaling like a furious woods fire burning-through everything in its manner. The political firemen anyway appear to falter their way through these twin fiery blazes with spilling hoses.

The Broadsheet grant gave over against Pakistan and NAB by UK mediator Sir Anthony Evans has enough combustible material to consume individuals from all sides of the gap — which is actually why all concerned are taking realities and attempting to sear them like an egg — which is actually why these realities should be set out as they may be, unvarnished and unspun.

What is the premise of this debate? Throughout the previous two days clarifications have fluctuated from NRO to illegal tax avoidance to assurance of degenerate properties. The genuine story, as told in the Broadsheet archives, is an alloyed adaptation of numerous wicked doings.


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