Prosperity is linked to strong ecnomic polices coupled with out of the box technologies stated by Amb: Rehmatullah Javed

Prosperity can only be achieved through strong ecnomic policies, Amb; Javed He said we in South Asia must adopt latest trade trends to take full advantage of resources available in the region.We all must balance our trade relations with regional countries.

He said presently Pakistan is in the grip of ecnomic crunch and government must take suitable decisions keeping in view all these conditions. He said the tug of war between political parties is destroying the peace and industries are stoping. This multi political stance must end before big national loss.


The rulers and opposition must sit down to resolve their issues.Amb:Javed said Pakistan can only pay off debts if industry is earning and goods are exported otherwise loan will be piling up to no end.He worriedly said People are already living below the  poverty line and a white collar citizen is begging to survive.let us use our resources to save Pakistan otherwise Pakistan will be doomed with loans and poverty.


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