Private companies will soon be able to supply gas to consumers, Hamad Azhar said

Islamabad: Minister of Federal for Energy Hamad Azhar has said that a private company will soon be able to supply gas to consumers.

Federal Minister Hamad Azhar wrote in a message on the social networking site that began by the Pakistani government has begun the process of liberation of the energy sector from government control and has enabled Sui Southern Pipeline gas limited to establish a company that can supply gas to consumers through its infrastructure.

In his message, the federal minister said that the Southern Sui Board had given the principle approval to energy to supply gas to consumers through its import terminal, and the move would open the way for the private sector. That they can play their role in the shipment and availability of natural liquefied natural gas throughout the country.
A government official related to the energy sector said that the new era will begin where the energy sector in Pakistan will be released from government control.

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