Prediction of the Dogecoin price: the price of Dogecoin today, January 21, 2023

Doge price prediction: Here is the most up-to-date Doge price prediction and the price of Doge in USD.

Today’s Doge price:

The price of Doge right now is $0.0808708 USD.

Today’s Dogecoin USD price is $0.0808708.
Dogecoin Price Prediction: The market signals for Dogecoin’s price were positive during the first week of January. This allowed day traders to take part in a 25% rise toward the $0.09 area.

Now that the goal has been reached, DOGE is showing signs that the pattern could keep going. Profit-taking, on the other hand, could cause the market to go down even more before it goes up again.

At the time of writing, one dogecoin costs $0.081. By turning down the most recent attempt to rally higher, the bears have made lower highs. This has led to a lower low, which is now $0.077 instead of $0.081 on Monday.

After the last pivot point, the price did not settle below the 8-day exponential moving average on the 4-hour chart (EMA). The closing price being below the barrier because of the new low could be an early sign that market behaviour has changed.

The price of DOGE might keep going down and retest previous resistance areas at $0.074, which would mean a 10% drop.

The relative strength index (RSI), which measures the speed of a trend, suggests that the 25% rally may have been the start of a much bigger bull run because the pump broke through the overbought level of 75.

A drop in the price of DOGE should be seen as a chance to buy until either the RSI 40 level is crossed or the rally’s starting point at $0.065 is found.

With a touch of $0.065, the bullish trend would end, and the $0.049 low of 2022 would be the target of a sweep-the-lows event. If the bears won, 40% of the price of DOGE would be lost.

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