ISLAMABAD: The public authority on Monday chose not to expand petrol costs for the following 13 days.

This came as a break from nonstop cost increments in the course of the last five successive fortnights. This was in spite of an expansion in global oil costs in the course of the most recent 15 days. Bye-races to seven seats of the public and commonplace gatherings are booked to be held throughout the following 13 days to finish the appointive school for the senate races fixed on March 3.

At keeping up the costs at existing level, the oil demand (PL) was decreased by Rs3.07 on petroleum to Rs17.97 per liter rather than Rs21.04. The PL on HSD is down Rs3.75 per liter to Rs18.36 rather than Rs22.11. Likewise, the PL on lamp oil descended by Rs2.78 per liter to Rs2.76 rather than Rs5.54 per liter as of now. The PL on LDO was additionally decreased by Rs3.26 to Rs3.65 from Rs6.91 per liter.

“PM Imran Khan has dismissed a rundown from the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (Ogra) for proposed increment in the costs of oil based goods to give help to individuals,” said an articulation gave by the Prime Minister Office.


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