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Next week, Xi will meet with Biden and Macron and go to the G20 and APEC.

Beijing China’s foreign ministry said on Friday that next week, China’s President Xi Jinping will meet his U.S. counterpart Joe Biden and his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron. He will also go to the G20 summit in Indonesia and the APEC summit in Thailand.

The White House said that the meeting with Biden would happen on Monday. It will be the first time that Trump and Biden will meet in person since Biden became president.

The last time Biden and Xi met in person was during the Obama administration. Since then, U.S. relations with China have dropped to their lowest level in decades, especially since U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan in August, which Beijing claims as its territory but is run by a democratic government.

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China is the United States’ biggest strategic rival and the world’s second-largest economy, after the U.S. Even though there have been problems with Taiwan, the South China Sea, trade, and a lot of other things, Biden has been trying to keep things calm with Beijing.

The foreign ministry said that from Monday to Thursday, Xi will be on the Indonesian island of Bali for the G20 summit. From Thursday to Saturday, he will be in Thailand for the APEC summit.

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