Pakistan’s populace is estimate to practically twofold in the following 30 years. That implies we will have another 200 million mouths to take care of by 2050. On head of quick populace development, the changing atmosphere or an Earth-wide temperature boost is carrying new difficulties to the country’s food security — a sum of 21m individuals in the nation are now assessed to be intensely food shaky at present.

Being among the 10 nations influenced most by environmental change, Pakistan is on target to turn into the most water-focused on countries in the area by 2040. This will bring about noteworthy deficiencies of surface water accessibility for water system, industry and human utilization. As per the United Nation’s Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO), the quantity of extraordinary atmosphere related debacles have dramatically increased since the 1990s with a normal of 213 of these occasions happening each year from 1990 through 2016, influencing horticultural efficiency and causing harvest misfortunes. For instance, surprising temperature and moistness throughout the mid year of 2019 had brought about inescapable gather misfortunes across cotton, rice and maize crops across a lot of Punjab and Sindh.


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