MultiversX Boss Talks Shop: Big Moves in the Metaverse & Beyond!

Alright folks, gather ’round because things are heating up in the world of metaverse! First, giants like Meta and Apple came waltzing in, and the buzz became ear-splitting. Everyone’s been asking: What’s their game plan?

So, here’s the lowdown. Back in the day, during the crypto world’s heyday, venture capital peeps and techies were all googly-eyed over the metaverse. And then, BAM! Meta and Apple jumped in, making the whole thing look cooler than a polar bear in a snowstorm.

Here’s where it gets spicy: these two tech behemoths aren’t dancing to the same beat. Meta’s totally head over heels for virtual reality (VR). Heck, they even launched some snazzy glasses with Ray-Ban! Apple, on the other flip of the coin, is jamming with this thing called spatial computing, all about augmented reality (AR). And wouldn’t you know it, they rolled out their own pair of AR glasses earlier this year.

Now, the main man from MultiversX, Beniamin Mincu, chatted with the Cointelegraph’s Zhiyuan Sun and dropped some truth bombs. Mincu reckons that Apple’s on the money with spatial computing, making the metaverse experience as natural as grandma’s apple pie. According to him, Meta’s VR might’ve missed the mark a tad. Their glasses? They’re kinda stuck in one virtual groove, rather than grooving with the bigger picture.

In his words, “It’s like having a map but only looking at one tiny spot. Spatial computing, though, lets you explore the whole dang landscape. Apple nailed it!”

And if you’re scratching your head, wondering what the heck spatial computing is, sit tight. Think of it as a magical way gadgets interact with 3D stuff, like virtual reality, smart devices, and more. It’s like our everyday interactions, but with a sprinkle of digital magic.

The big news? MultiversX is hopping on the spatial computing train! They’ve got a shiny upgrade coming Oct. 19 that’ll align them with this new-age approach, making things smoother than butter on hot toast. This upgrade promises more speed, better features, and even lets tokens on their network cover the gas costs. Talk about revving up the engine!

So, if you’ve got your sights set on the metaverse and what’s next, keep those peepers peeled. With big players making moves and innovators like MultiversX turning up the heat, we’re in for a wild ride! 🚀🌍🕶️🔮🎮🎢📲🎉👾🌌🤩🕺💡🌐🤖🎈🍿🤯🚗💨🎸🔥🎊

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