KARACHI: In what has all the earmarks of being an immediate logical inconsistency to the aeronautics pastor’s charge that very nearly 40 percent of Pakistani pilots had ‘counterfeit licenses’, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has said that all business/aircraft transport pilots licenses (CPL/ATPL) it gave “are veritable and truly gave”.

“Clarify that all CPL/ATPL pilot licenses gave by the Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority are certified and legitimately gave. None of the pilot licenses are phony, rather the issue has been misinterpreted and inaccurately featured in the media/web based life,” composed CAA Director General Hassan Nasir Jamy in a letter dated July 13 to a high-positioning flight authority of Oman.


The letter, a duplicate of which is given to Dawn, was routed to Mubarak Saleh Al Gheilani, the acting DG of Civil Aviation Regulation, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman, in light of his July 2 letter and July 9 email as to security worries over licenses of Pakistani pilots working with his nation’s carrier.

Mr Jamy, who is additionally the secretary of flight division, told the Omani authority that the CAA had just checked/cleared “96 Pakistani pilots out of 104 names got from different common flying specialists/remote aircrafts (UAE/GACA, Vietnam Airlines, Bahrain Air, Civil Aviation Malaysia, Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department and Turkish


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