KARACHI: The city encountered the coldest evening of the year and that crisp and dry climate conditions are required to proceed in the city throughout the following 24 hours, the Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) said on Tuesday.

As indicated by the subtleties from the climate office, light breezes are blowing from the upper east in the port city with dampness recorded at 39%.

A base temperature of 7°C was recorded in Karachi with temperatures expected to drift somewhere in the range of 7°C and 9°C during the remainder of the day.

In the interim, in Lahore, mist has decreased essentially, however the virus wave is as yet winning in the capital city.

The Met Office had cautioned the individuals of Karachi to be ready for a frosty spell beginning Monday, as temperatures in the city were relied upon to dip under 10°C.

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