In pictures: Social distancing and electronic wristbands as pilgrims attend scaled down HAJJ

In years before the coronavirus, approximately 3,000,000 white-clad pilgrims from over the world rushed to Islam’s holiest locales to go to Haj under Saudi Arabia’s rankling sun.

With the pandemic creation enormous social affairs incomprehensible, just a couple thousand pilgrims  — Saudis and outside occupants — are gathering this year on Mount Mercy on the fields of Arafat for the most significant custom pilgrims

“Everybody will petition God for this pandemic to end, and for all the individuals of the world to see better a very long time to come after all the enduring brought about by coronavirus,” said Ammar Khaled, a 29-year-old Indian pioneer who is an IT proficient in Jeddah.

pilgrims stepped through a few clinical examinations and were approached to isolate for seven days before beginning their excursion, at that point disconnect for one more week in their lodgings. They were given an electronic wristband to screen their developments and a bag containing every single essential need pilgrims


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