In Japan, a tourist boat sinks.

Tokyo — The coastguard and local media said Saturday that rescuers in Japan were looking for a touring boat that had received a distress call warning of its impending sinking off the country’s north coast.

According to AFP, rescuers have organised a “task force” to deal with the event and look for people who have gone missing but have not released any details regarding the claimed mishap.

According to NHK, the crew of the “Kazu 1” notified the coastguard that the boat’s bow was flooded and it was sinking off the Shiretoko Peninsula in northern Hokkaido.

According to NHK, the vessel was “tilting around 30 degrees” when the distress call was placed, despite the fact that the crew and passengers were wearing life jackets.

Four hours after the distress call was made, search helicopters arrived in the area to search.

A species of sea lion called the Steller’s sea lion is one of the world’s most endangered. It lives on the Shiretoko Peninsula, which was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2005 because of its unique ecology.

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