The new crackdown on oil sneaking into Pakistan has brought to the front the illicit transportation of fuel through the Pakistan-Iran line. Notwithstanding the crackdown, nonetheless, pirating is proceeding, basically on the grounds that local people need to make money.

One of the men engaged with the illicit business is Zahid Baloch, who is in his 20s and hails from Balochistan’s Kharan region. Two days prior, he went right to the Iran line in Panjgur locale to bring back diesel in his Iranian vehicle called Zamyad.

He was distant from everyone else in his truck on the Iranian side at the Haqabad line point, where oil and diesel are stacked and dumped on most days. At the point when he had stacked blue canisters loaded up with diesel onto his vehicle, at about 9pm, aimless terminating started from the Iranian check posts. “We were available there in the hundreds. We ran for our lives, we all,” Zahid told Dawn. Inas Baloch, who had a place with the Panjgur locale, kicked the bucket on the spot.

“I got hit in my left leg, however continued running, abandoning my vehicle. Be that as it may, I tumbled to the ground in the wake of making a couple of strides. My injury was dying,” he reviewed.


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