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Hino was removed from the Toyota-led commercial vehicle partnership.

Reuters says that Toyota and others kicked Hino Motors out of a partnership for commercial vehicles because the company lied about engine data.

It’s Toyota’s most serious action since the issue broke in March.

Toyota-led commercial

Toyota, Hino, and Isuzu Motors formed CJPT in April 2021 to develop commercial vehicle technology. Suzuki and Daihatsu merged in July.

Toyota President Akio Toyoda remarked, “We believe Hino’s participation will cause stakeholders inconvenience.”

Toyota will acquire Hino’s 10% stake in CJPT and become the company’s 10% owner, according to a statement.

Hino stated in a statement that it was working to fix the conditions that led to the misbehavior.

Toyota claimed Hino would be excluded from collaboration planning and agreements.

Toyota claimed Hino “will play a modest part” in a previously announced effort to create small electric commercial vans and light-duty fuel cell electric trucks by 2023.

Hino said Monday it will suspend small truck shipments after a transport ministry inquiry found 76,000 of its trucks sold in January 2019 lacked needed engine inspections.

The company admitted on Monday that it changed data on some engines as far back as 2003, which was a decade earlier than what was first said.

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