Give more importance to economy and business in New Year 2023. Mr Iftikhar Ali Malik

Ecnomic policies must be formulated with great wisdom and consultation stated by legendary business leader of the world Mr Iftikhar Ali Malik president SAARC chamber.

He requested the managers of the government to give more importance to the economy & business in this new year 2023. Mr Malik said that there is no time left to make any more mistakes. Mr. Malik stated that we may not compromise is respect of business policies for the properity of Pakistan. We must follow the rules of business to promote business and enhance exports.


He was of the view that Pakistan will always emerge winner to discharge its international formalities. He again reminded to the government regarding the high cost of energy and gasoline. He appealed to reduce the prices to promote production. He also requested the Banks that they must discharge thier duties in the intrest of promoting business & exports. Let us declare year 2023 a year of ecnomic prosperity.


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