FTX spokesperson Kevin O’Leary revealed he received $15 million in compensation.

Kevin O’Leary, a Canadian businessman, Shark Tank judge, and contributor to CNBC, admits that he lost the $15 million that FTX gave him. He admitted on CNBC that he received a $15 million payment from the now-defunct cryptocurrency exchange FTX to serve as the business’s publicist.

However, as the $32 billion enterprise imploded and all the celebrities who promoted it came under scrutiny, things didn’t turn out as planned. Fried’s celebrities, including Tom Brady, Kevin O’Leary, and others, were sued by investors who claimed they did not do their homework in order to promote Bankman-exchange.


O’Leary acknowledged that he was a victim of “groupthink,” but insisted that none of his investment partners had lost money. He was also mocked by the hosts of CNBC Squawk Box for not thoroughly researching FTX before investing.

All together, the acquisition cost somewhat less than $15 million. I invested around $9.7 million in cryptocurrencies. That’s what I believe I lost, but I’m not sure. All of it is at…
Kevin O’Leary has revealed that he received $15 million in compensation for serving as the FTX spokesperson.


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