Foregin Direct investment can change the fate of any country overnight : Amb: Rehmatullah Javed

Pakistan is a haven for Foreign Direct investment Pakistan is an agro-based country and modern agriculture can bring great profits. Hilal food, live stock ,poultry and hotel industry are open for investment. Construction is another big sector to invite investors but all we need to provide them is equal chances of investment on easy terms of business.

Tourism and hospitality  sector can be a great business to get quick profits of investment. Government must invite investors through Pakistani trade missions abroad. Government must give presentations to visitors and encourage them to invest in Pakistan.

Private sector and trade bodies are ready to shoulder the government for this noble cause to achieve peace and prosperity. Direct Finance Investment can change the fate of any country and I quote the example of China. China invited overseas investors about three deceases now and over 300 foregin companies invested in china they put up their plants and brought latest technology and china starting prospering with a great speed and their after with a passage of time all these companies and projects became part of Chinese industrial strength also Chinese skilled Labor got a great chance to learn new technologies and today china in worlds super ecnomic power.

Foregin investors who invested in Pakistan also never went back because they received big profits of their investments but the time came that Pakistans industrial policies were not supporting industry therefore foregin investors stopped investing in Pakistan and few went away to other neighbouring countries.

Pakistan needs investment and promotion of industry to meet most difficult times in the history of Pakistan and our friendly oil rich Muslim countries can invest if solid assurances are given to them for the safety of their investments. Direct investment policies of Pakistan must be formulated to attract foregin investment. Present regime of rulers have rich experience of industry which must be applied for the prosperity of Pakistan.

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