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Ford Targets European Cities and Startups with New Electric Van

Ford Motor has introduced a new electric Courier van aimed at European business customers, as it seeks to compete with electric van startups such as Arrival SA.

The electric Courier is part of a range of smaller, commercial vans for the European market that will include gasoline and diesel models as well.

The new Courier vans will be 25% larger than the current model, with a capacity to carry heavier loads, according to Ford Pro chief Ted Cannis.

The electric Courier will cater to European commercial customers who operate in cities such as Paris, where combustion vehicles are set to be banned from city centers. The electric Courier will be launched next year, while petrol Couriers will remain in the lineup, with new models to be introduced this summer.

Cannis pointed out that the pace of shift to electric vehicles differs from country to country in Europe, necessitating a mix and match of all options market by market, which creates a challenge for new players.

Separately, Ford expects many U.S. commercial fleet customers to receive $7,500 tax credits if they purchase electric Transit vans. New U.S. government rules will reduce the tax credit for retail buyers of electric Transit vans to $3,750 from April 18, the company said.

Ford is partnering with accounting firm Ernst & Young to advise U.S. commercial customers on their eligibility for $7,500 tax credits under the Inflation Reduction Act.

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