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EasyJet will cut more than 200 half-term flights from Gatwick.

Over the next 10 days, EasyJet will cancel more than 200 flights, which will be a problem for families going abroad during the half-term.

The company said that between May 28 and June 6, about 24 flights a day from London’s Gatwick airport would be cut.

It said that the retraction was important “to offer reliable kinds of help during this busy time.”

It comes after EasyJet had to cancel about 200 flights on Thursday because of a bad product.

The problem was felt at airports all over the UK.

On Friday morning, 20 more EasyJet flights were canceled, and a “modest number” of TUI flights were also delayed, including three for more than 24 hours.

EasyJet said that the most recent cancellations didn’t matter because of the IT problem, which is now fixed.

It said that a number of things were making it hard to do its work, such as restrictions from the aviation authority, runway repairs, and delays at the airport terminal.

In a statement, the airline said, “We are very sorry for the late notice of some of these scratch-offs and the trouble it has caused for customers who had planned to take these flights.” However, we understand that it is important to offer solid types of help during this busy time.

As of today, clients are being informed and given the choice to rebook their flight or get a discount. They can also apply for compensation based on the rules. “

Around 8,000 flights are expected to leave UK airports by the end of the week, with Friday being the busiest day since the start of the pandemic.

In the meantime, the RAC, a group of drivers, warned of traffic jams and said that between Friday and Sunday, 17.8 million drivers were planning trips for fun. Most things are supposed to happen on Saturday.

Liverpool fans who wanted to go to Paris for the Champions League last year had to wait in long lines at the Port of Dover.

Some allies complained that they were “confused” because they were stuck in hours-long lines near people who were going abroad for half-term.

There were also a lot of delays at airports like Manchester, Bristol, and Stansted.

Travelers have had to deal with delays and changes at airports since the implementation of COVID restrictions on global travel.

During the pandemic, the transportation industry cut a lot of jobs, but now that people want to fly again, it has been hard to hire new workers, go through security checks, and train them fast enough.

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