Doge Price Prediction: Today’s Dogecoin Price, 25th Feb 2023

The most recent Doge price forecast can be found here, along with the Doge to USD conversion rate.

Doge Price today

DATE Dogecoin USD
Today 1 $0.0844742

The current Doge price is $0.0844742 USD.


The DOGE signals don’t presently paint a positive image because they seem to predict additional short-term losses. The coin’s relative strength index (purple) has dipped just below 50 in the most recent hours, suggesting that there is still a sizable amount of decline left before oversale.

As a result, the 200-day moving average (blue) and 30-day moving average (red) of DOGE have both plateaued, indicating that the cryptocurrency may be about to decline even further.

Doge Price Prediction

Given the recent increase in selling activity, additional price changes may indeed be on the horizon. And some watchers have noticed that at least some whales have started purchasing DOGE after its recent losses.

Although there are some signs of accumulation, it appears that whales are sending more DOGE to platforms in preparation for sales than there are signs of accumulation. One major holder, for instance, moved 60 million DOGE (roughly $5 million) to Coinbase in the most recent hours.

Over the past few days, there have been numerous new reports of whales carrying DOGE. On February 17, the wallet, which had lain dormant for more than two years, transferred DOGE valued at $28 million to a new location.


Additional recent instances include transfers of 31.1 million DOGE, 28 million DOGE, 60 million DOGE, 60.3 million DOGE, 10.2 million DOGE, and so on. Such transfers raise the possibility that many whales may be preparing to sell, even though they may be linked to individuals combining their assets.

Today’s Dogecoin Price

This would be in line with the declines DOGE has experienced since the start of February, and it is probable that further declines will take place shortly.

However, DOGE still has a great destiny ahead of it. This is primarily due to Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla and Twitter, who has consistently been Dogecoin’s most visible and vocal supporter.

A trending Instagram post from last week showing his Shiba Inu dog, Floki, which temporarily raised the stock price, is just one recent instance of Musk voicing his support for DOGE. He also wore a Bitcoin T-shirt to Super Bowl LVII, which surely attracted the attention of millions of people (including Fox owner Rupert Murdoch, who he was set to interview next).

Although these deeds might seem inconsequential, they all support the persistent theory that Twitter will ultimately accept dogecoin payments.


dogecoin price prediction

These expectations have been stoked by a recent Financial Times article that revealed Twitter is pushing forward with its digital payment plans. Even though the meme token hasn’t been explicitly referenced in recent articles, last year’s hints that he might consider permitting DOGE purchases on Twitter gave them additional gasoline.

There is therefore still a possibility that DOGE will benefit from some very important adoption news in the immediate future. If so, its price will soar and possibly even hit the $0.731578 record that was set in May 2021.



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