China starts a WTO case against the US for limiting chip exports.

China has taken the United States to the World Trade Organization over the way it controls chip exports, according to China’s commerce ministry.

In October, the US passed a large set of rules that were meant to hurt China’s semiconductor industry. This made a top trade group in China unhappy, so they filed a complaint.


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“China takes legal actions within the WTO framework as a necessary way to address our concerns and protect our legitimate interests,” China’s diplomatic mission in Geneva quoted a statement from China’s commerce ministry as saying.

It also said that the restrictions put in place by the U.S. “threatened the stability of the global industrial supply chains.”

The first step in a long process at the World Trade Organization is to ask for consultations. The United States has stopped people from being appointed to the WTO’s top body for deciding trade disputes. This means that some trade disputes will never be settled.

Adam Hodge, a spokesman for the U.S. Trade Representative’s office, said, “We’ve gotten a request for consultations from the People’s Republic of China about some U.S. actions that affect semiconductors.”

“As we told the PRC before, these targeted actions are about national security, and the WTO is not the right place to talk about national security issues,” Hodge said in an email statement.


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China is upset that the U.S. is putting limits on chip exports. This comes just days after the WTO ruled against the U.S. in a separate case about metal tariffs that China and others had brought. The United States, which often complains about WTO arbitration, didn’t agree with the WTO’s decisions.


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