China seizes US consulate in Chengdu,

China assumed control over the premises of the US department in the southwestern city of Chengdu on Monday, subsequent to requesting the office to be emptied in counter for China’s ouster a week ago from its office in Houston, Texas.

The seizure topped an emotional heightening in pressures between the world’s two greatest economies that started when workers at China’s Houston office were seen consuming records in a patio last Tuesday, hours before Beijing reported that it had been requested to leave the office.

“The US office in Chengdu, in Sichuan area, was shut as of 10am on Monday, and Chinese specialists had entered the structure from the front entryway,” China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in an announcement.

On Friday, Beijing declared that it had requested that the United States close its Chengdu post, and gave the Americans 72 hours to empty, a similar measure of time China was given to leave its Houston strategic, was closed on Friday


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