BTC Price Prediction: How Much Does Bitcoin Cost Today, January 13, 2023?

Bitcoin (BTC), which is the largest cryptocurrency in the world, keeps going up as it passes $17,500.

Bitcoin price today: 1 BTC = $ 18,851.60

Bitcoin is selling for $17,500 right now, and $14 billion worth of bitcoin is traded every 24 hours. Bitcoin has gone down a little since it couldn’t break through the $17,500 barrier. As it gets closer to $17,200, it is currently gaining speed.


If the price of Bitcoin breaks through $17,500, it could reach $17,800, which is the next level of resistance. During the 4-hour window, Bitcoin made a doji candle, which shows that investors were unsure. They might be trying to find a good reason to move the market the next time.

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On the downside, the $17,200 level is expected to act as support right away, and a break below it would likely cause the price to fall to the next support levels at $16,800 or $16,650.


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