BTC Price Forecast: Today’s Bitcoin Price, January 10, 2023

The Bitcoin price prediction turned out to be accurate, as BTC went up by about 1.50% to $17,223.

Marathon Digital Holdings, which has one of the biggest Bitcoin mining operations in North America, said in an update that it has been trying out overclocking to improve its position in the BTC mining market.

Today’s Bitcoin Price

How much will bitcoin cost?

Today 01 $ 17,346.23

At the moment, the price of bitcoin is $17,200, and $14 billion worth of bitcoin is traded every 24 hours. Bitcoin is trading very well right now, and the price target is $17,200. When a doji candle closes close to $17,200, it means that bulls have run out of steam and sellers may now step in to bring about a bearish correction. If the price of bitcoin breaks through the $17,200 level, it can reach the next resistance level, which is at $17,400.

A bullish engulfing candle has formed on the four-hour chart of Bitcoin. This shows that the market is now in a strong bullish trend. Because of this, Bitcoin could reach as much as $17,750.

Lower, the $17,000 level is likely to act as immediate support, and a bearish break of this level can extend the downtrend to either $16,800 or $16,650.

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