Bitcoin Price Prediction: Today’s BTC Price, March 16th, 2023

Recently, there have been significant fluctuations in the price of Bitcoin and Ethereum, indicating the current volatility of the cryptocurrency market. Investors and traders are closely monitoring how macroeconomic data affects the value of digital assets. Today, the US Consumer Price Index (CPI) and Retail Sales figures are being closely watched as they are expected to provide insight into the state of the US economy and inflationary pressures.

As of today, March 16th, 2023, the price of Bitcoin is currently at $24,398.91 USD. The BTC/USD pair demonstrated a positive trend on Wednesday at the $24,850 level. There is potential resistance for Bitcoin at $25,250, and if this threshold is breached, more purchasing opportunities could arise, with a possible surge towards $26,700.


However, if Bitcoin’s immediate support level of $24,000 is broken, it could lead to more selling pressure and potentially drive the price as low as $23,750. If the price surpasses $25,225 today, traders may consider a purchasing trade.


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